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Trust Owned Life Insurance

The TOLI Solution™


Life insurance assets inside irrevocable trusts often drift along with little oversight or management. The trustee of a trust owning life insurance is held to a fiduciary standard and carries a high level of liability with respect to the life insurance asset ultimately benefiting the beneficiaries of the trust.

The TOLI Solution™ aids trustees in managing performance, documenting results, and minimizing the liabilities they face with trust owned life insurance.


The TOLI Solution™ provides answers to questions such as:

  • Has my trustee performed a stress test on the assets inside my irrevocable trust?
  • Have my irrevocable trust assets been reviewed so that my trustee and beneficiaries are on the same page?
  • Does the life insurance inside my irrevocable trust have a policy management statement?
  • Do I have options to stop gifting to my trust, but maintain appropriate life insurance coverage?

Other benefits of The TOLI Solution™ also include:

  • Reducing the liability trustees face
  • Analyzing and documenting performance and results of trust assets
  • Ensures all parties involved are on the same page


The ultimate goal of The TOLI Solution™ is to facilitate understanding and accountability amongst all parties involved, optimize the life insurance assets, and maximize the results of the life insurance trust.

The process begins by determining the purpose of the insurance held in trust and developing objective specifications for evaluating the insurance. Then, in order to help get all parties on the same page, we clarify the duties of the grantor and the trustee. Next, we examine your insurance asset to determine if it is performing up to expectations. Both past performance and projected benefits are evaluated. Finally, we perform a comprehensive market analysis on other products available in order to ensure the ideal product is being used to fund the objectives of your trust document.

It would be our pleasure to be a resource for you and your family. Please contact us to explore how we can help you get back to what matters most.