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Bill Koss and Bill Olinger met in the Old Florida Gym while attending the University of Florida in the mid 1960’s. Both athletes, Koss and Olinger forged a friendship built on respect, athletic interests and a love for the Florida Gators.

Upon graduation Koss and Olinger sought professional designations as a Charted Life Underwriter and Chartered Financial Consultant, respectively. Throughout the education and examination process both Koss and Olinger came to realize that objectivity was missing from the financial services industry. Because they both envisioned a company and business model that, in 1969, was unheard of, they decided to found their own firm: Koss Olinger Financial Group.

Koss Olinger Financial Group was one of the first financial service firms to secure innovatively objective arrangements with various companies and planning products. The arrangements allowed for Koss Olinger to advise clients solely in the client’s best interest without outside influence or other considerations.

Over the years Koss Olinger has helped thousands of families and individuals. The goal has always been to provide each and every client the most individually beneficial plan for their unique situation. This commitment endures in our business today.